Quick Start Guide

This is a quick start guide for RBAs and Organizers. Refer to the documentation home page for more information.

  1. REGISTER: Sign up for an account at the Randonneuing.org website. After you log in with your new account, make sure all your individual contact info, and detailed info for your region is correct. Review these in the user profile and the region profile links.
  2. There are options for custom HTML/CSS styling for your region pages -- ignore that advanced stuff for now (or forever).
  3. CREATE EVENT: To create your first event click on the Event Manager . Create a new event. Enter the basic parameters of your brevet like ACP vs RUSA sanction, offical distance, start time etc... Most importantly, enter the URL for the RWGPS route. You can come back here to edit your event details should they change. Remember, if you change the RWGPS link, you'll need to come back here to enter the latest route, then fetch and re-validate everything.
  4. FETCH ROUTE: After your event is created with all the details set (especially the link URL to the RWGPS route!), you should click the special Route Processor (Cue Wizard) icon that looks like this: . You'll now be at a page that will allow you to fetch, validate, preview, and publish your route to the event. The first time you visit Cue Wizard for a given route, the Wizard will automatically fetch the route data from the RWGPS site and store a local copy with randonneuring.org. If you make changes at RWGPS, those changes will not be available to the Route Processor till you fetch the data again. Don't forget to fetch the updated route.
  5. FIX ERRORS: Cue Wizard only works if the route is properly set up in RWGPS. Of course, when you first try with your own route you'll likely see some errors. No worries. That's normal. Maybe you haven't added controles or control notes #tags yet. Read the errors, and consult the Cue Wizard documentation. They'll help guide you toward what you need to add to your RWGPS route in order to make it work. Don't forget to fetch again after making RWGPS changes.
  6. PREVIEW: Once you have fixed all the errors and fetched the latest RWGPS data, you can preview the paperwork for the event (cue sheets, brevet cards, etc...). Very often you will notice more errors when you look over the paperwork. No worries. That's normal. Fix them and fetch again.
  7. PUBLISH: Once you are SURE you have fixed all the errors it's time to publish the route. Once published, the event and route will be automatically available to eBrevet and all the event details will appear live on the randonneuring.org website. NB: New events are hidden by default. You'll need to go to the event manager and remove "Hidden" from the status for the published event to be fully visible.
  8. LINK: With your event published at randonneuring.org, if you so desire you can put links on your club/regional web page that direct people to the event info and roster info pages at randonneuring.org. The URLs to link are
    • Past and Future Events for your region: https://randonneuring.org/regional_events/<ACP CLUB CODE>
    • Future Events JSON format: https://randonneuring.org/ebrevet/future_events/<ACP CLUB CODE>
    • Info about a specific event: https://randonneuring.org/event_info/<EVENT CODE>
    • Rider roster and results: https://randonneuring.org/roster_info/<EVENT CODE>
    • Control check ins: https://randonneuring.org/checkin_status/<EVENT CODE>
    where the <EVENT CODE> is the unique identifying code for the event that combines your ACP Club Code with an event ID number (eg 905106-123). These event codes can be seen listed in the event manager and elsewhere on randonneuring.org. If you don't like the style of these pages, you can use the advanced 'style_html', 'header_html', and 'footer_html' fields in the region settings to tune the styling of the pages to match your home website.
  9. CONGRATULATIONS: You've published your event and route data with randonneuring.org and you may now offer eBrevet EPP for your events.

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