eBrevet FAQ

These are the most important things for riders to know before using eBrevet. If you'd like to know more, read the Detailed Instructions for eBrevet or Contact the author. Organizers or RBAs should visit RANDONNEURING.ORG


The eBrevet cell phone app is now availible for brevets. Riders who have used this app generally report that it's fast, easy to operate, doesn't drain the phone battery, and is simpler than getting merchant signatures and receipts. You can use eBrevet exclusively on the ride without needing to get merchant signatures, receipts, answer info questions, or take photos. Just ride the bike, and when you get to a control, click the button on eBrevet to check in. Then ride on.

What is eBrevet?

eBrevet is an open-source Android/iOS app that serves as an automated, self-certifying brevet card for a randonneuring brevet or permanent. It maintains some of the "feel" of the traditional paper brevet card process. The app only needs to be activated at controls and does not require Internet data service at controls. Using the phone's clock and GPS, the app determines if you are near a control (within 500 meters). If a nearby control is open, you can record your authenticated check-in within the app. When network access happens to be available, the app will report these control check in times to the PA Rando server, which will be visible in real time on the roster page. When the event is completed successfully, the app can automatically upload results to Randonneuring.org, and generates a unique brevet Completion Certificate that is sharable on social media.

Where can I get eBrevet?

You can find the app on both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. Search for "eBrevet" by "CTNadovich". Please make sure you are using the latest version of the app. Control checkins or event downloads will not work if your app is outdated.

My region doesn't support eBrevet yet. What do they need to do?

Politely ask your RBA to take a look at RANDONNEURING.ORG and read the Quick Start guide. Basically all they need to do is enter their event details and grant riders permission to use the app. The rest is pretty much automatic.

Where are the detailed instructions?

You want to read the Detailed Instructions for eBrevet? No kidding? Really?

Can a throw away my paper brevet card?

NO! This app does not eliminate your need for a paper brevet card!

Why do I still need a paper brevet card?

Three reasons:

  1. You will still need a paper brevet card to START an event because the paper card has the start code required by eBrevet.
  2. You also still need a paper brevet card to FINISH an event. At the finish, you must write your time of arrival at the finish control, write the finish code from the app, and sign the paper card to assert that you completed the ride and return the card to the organizer.
  3. If your phone dies, or you have other technical problems with the app, you can switch back to the paper card and still get credit for the ride.

Using eBrevet

Wait, what do I have to do, again?

In summary, when using eBrevet you must

Obtain the start code from your paper brevet card and use it to start the app. Open the app at each control and press the Check-In button. After checking in at the finish, record your finish time and finish code from the app onto your paper brevet card, sign your card, and return the card to the organizer.

At the finish of an event, what three things must be written on my paper brevet card?

  1. Your finish time.
  2. Your signature.
  3. The FINISH CODE from the app.

If you used eBrevet and these three things are not on your brevet card at the finish, you can be disqualified.

Do I get the same start time as everyone else?

For a normal massed-start event, yes. It doesn't matter when you enter your start code and auto-check in to the first control. So long as you enter the start code within an hour, before or after, the official time, your event clock will start at the official start time like everyone else. So there's no need to wait till the official time to enter your start code. Doing it early, say a half-hour before you start, this is OK.

Can I use eBrevet for a Pre-Ride?

Yes. eBrevet understands pre-rides. Within two weeks prior to the official event date, a 'PreRide' button will appear next to the event. Press the Pre-Ride button if you want to do a preride. You then need to check into the first control. Do this when you are about to start riding. Checking into the first control on a pre-ride starts your clock for the ride. Don't forget to check in to the first control! If you forget, you're pretty much screwed as your clock never started and none of the other controls will be available.


Will eBrevet drain my battery?

No. eBrevet only needs to be activated at controls. It does not run in the background. eBrevet works even if your phone is in "Airplane" mode. You can turn your phone off or reboot it.

Does eBrevet need cell service or Internet access?

The only time you absolutely need Internet access is before the event to allow the phone to download event details. After you have the latest version of the route/cues downloaded to the phone, internet access is optional. It's good to occasionally turn on internet service and let the app "upload" your check-ins -- especially when you finish the event -- so that your check ins can be tracked by your friends and your final time can be communicated to the organizers. Still, Internet service not a requirement except at the very beginning.

The App says INVALID CODE when I enter my Start Code

Make sure you have the latest version of the app and the latest version of the events downloaded into the app. The most common reason a start-code isn't accepted by the app is because either the events cue sheet has changed recently and you need to download the latest event info. Either that, or the app is out of date.

My brevet card is for version 6 of the route, but my phone says version 7. Am I screwed?

eBrevet WILL allow someone to ride if the version on their phone is NEWER than the paperwork. If your brevet card has a start codes for, say, version 6 of the route, but for some reason your phone has a newer version, say version 7, that's fine. You can use the older brevet start code with the newer route.

But the reverse is not true. If your card is for version 7 and you still have version 6 in your phone, you will need to update the data on the phone. eBrevet will not allow you to start with a cue/route version OLDER than the brevet card.

What if I "forget" to check in at a control.

If you "forget" to check in at a control the app will always notice. You will NOT get a finish code. The app will give you a DNQ. You must not skip any control. If you miss a control, you need to go back and check in (either with the app, or with traditional signature/receipt). If you skip controls you could be disqualified.

What if I'm riding past the cutoff and I'm "late" to controls.

Don't give up! Keep riding. Keep checking in. If the app complains, ignore it. Keep riding. Whether you are DQed is up to your RBA -- as long and you DO keep riding.

I didn't get a green checkmark. Is that OK? What do these orange dots mean?

When you check in at a control without live cellular Internet service the app will record your arrival internally and display orange dots indicating that the check-in has not been uploaded to the regional server. The next time you have Internet, if you check-in somewhere else or push the "Update Results" button your orange dots should turn into green checks indicating that your checkins have been communicated to the RBA.

I'm at the control but there's no Check-In button?

If you are physically near (<500 meters) a control at the correct time (after the control opens, before it closes) a "Check-In" button should appear next to the control on the app. Sometimes it takes the GPS in your phone a few seconds to update your location. If you are impatient, press the "GPS UPDATE" button. If the "Check-In" button still doesn't appear, maybe you've disallowed Location Permissions for the eBrevet app. Check your phone Settings and make sure that eBrevet has LOCATION permission.

But what if the app breaks or a dog eats my phone?

Yes cell phones do sometimes fail, and software does sometimes have bugs. Prudent riders using eBrevet also write onto their paper brevet card their time of arrival and "control check in codes" from the app at each intermediate control as a paper backup. Writing down your time and these codes isn't required -- it's simply prudent. If you think your phone is about to fail, battery die, or the app is acting wonky, record all check-in codes and be ready switch to old-school brevet card control check-in processes (get merchant initials, receipts, etc...) for the remainder of the event. The RBA will likely not accept 'my phone died' and a blank card as evidence you completed the event.

What if I find a bug or want to suggest an improvement?

You can open an issue or suggestion on github


Enjoy the blessings of technology in this app, but keep in mind that this is still randonneuring. Per our traditions, you as a rider must check-in at controls and must provide the required documentation for your ride.

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